Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Were You

Watch me sweat and complain.

It's like an oven out in that damn room this time of year. It's supposed to be fall but...the late August and early September are stupid hot around here. Don't fret for me though...I love it. It feels so good under the fan right's so cold. It's the one thing, between Sunday and Friday, that isn't on my nerves right now.

Watch it or don't. Up to you...but, miss it and you'll miss one of the greatest games ever played.

Is it sick that my favorite game is a win that ruined the season of FSU and not one of the numerous SEC and National Championships they've won? :)

Next up...maybe we can get to the bottom of something that has always mystified sports became separated from the higher pursuits like Art, Literature and Music, Dance.


  1. This provided me with a fine ten minutes and more entertainment this morning, just when I needed it. Cheers, Eric. Hope this is going to be a series: like having a good drink and setting the world to rights with a pub pal. That woman wanted to be part of history? We had a similar outpouring of bullshit when Diana died. What is it with people these days that they feel the need to make spurious connections with this stuff? Meaningless emotional incontinence rules the day the world over.

    Don't think I'll be able to watch that game though as cross-cultural understanding has its limits as much as I sympathize with your reasons for hating FSU.

    1. Hey Bear.

      I prefer yammering to typing cause it's easier to edit and I can drink...but, I don't want to wear out my welcome with it.

      I was in Germany when that happened and anybody who had satellite TV got mostly British channels...we got a good taste of the immediate aftermath. It all made me feel so fortunate to be living in such exciting and monumental times.

      The clips a little long...highlighting the scores and turnovers but the game, like all great games, has a universal emotional narrative to it.

      All you really need to see is the opening...when the teams have to be separated during a brawl.

      Then 9:25 to 11:06.5 I'm on the hardwood doing the windmill. Any time I want a smile I can call up the voice of Sean McDonough screeching..."Green is behind the DEEEEEEEFENSE!"

  2. Always a joy to listen to you Erik. I'm loving the way you say 'phony' by the way - that's where I can hear those 'English' roots!
    I agree with SB about the Diana thing... it got out of hand... people seem to want to wear their 'grief' as a kind of badge.
    Oh and my most cringe-inducing experience of that American nationalism thing was when I was in New Zealand visiting some remarkable caves (full of glow-worms and thus a beautiful natural phenomenon and tourist attraction). Amongst the group of visitors from around the world was a large party of older Americans, and when the tour guide mentioned in passing that the acoustics in the cave were so good that it was often for choral concerts, they took it upon themselves to sing us their full volume rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, whilst the rest of us looked on, embarrassed. Unbelievable!

    1. Thank you ma'am. It's the oooos innit?

      So predictable.

      I'm sure you had it marked on your calendar....this weekend was the two hundredth anniversary of God's own Anthem. Did you see the US Flag cloud formation over North Carolina this weekend? It just proves what we already knew...God is an American. USA USA USA.

  3. Exactly as Mr Bear said, a highly entertaining rant, even if some of the references (specifically the sporting ones) eluded me. You should crack open a cold one and let rip more often. I tried to watch the game, but quickly slipped into a catatonic state.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it sir.

      We'll get to the bottom of your allergy to sports in the next round...maybe I'll get some bourbon this weekend.

  4. I really like that the coaches were brawling too. And the mental image of a guy on a motorbike going out in a gory trail of flag-wrapped glory. And your perspective on small government being the enemy of people who think they're on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Did you ever see this episode of Yes, Prime Minister BTW?

    1. It's that kinda party. My favorite scuffle was in 2008 when one Florida player was tackled on the FSU sideline and he started a fight with the entire side.