Friday, October 31, 2014

Bloody Mary

The cops are already patrolling the neighborhood.  Probably looking for me...

Justin Bieber.

Tonight's the night our neighborhood is over run with little punks...little punk-ass, demanding, will eye-cuss you if you run out of candy, bumble bees, princesses, cowboys and...

We live out of the way...there's no through traffic so we get kids from all around the area. Kids and their parents drunk driving tricked out golf carts, at two miles an hour, with 10 kids hangin' off the the last boat outta Saigon. They are voracious for the candy...little fiends.

I'm ready for 'em this year though...

I mean...I'm ready for 'em this year....



Post-structuralist Halloween?

The kid in the Mississippi State uniform insisted that he was Dak Prescott...the all-world quarterback for MSU...he did not acknowledge the Bat Man mask he was wearing.


Looks like the real zombie problem is in England...Lancashire to be more specific. Lock your doors y'all....there's an adamparsons on the loose.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hotty Toddy - Cold Couscous

It wouldn't be my blog if this thing didn't get posted, at least, once a year. The most gloriously ham-tastic intro video ever made for any sports team anywhere ever.

Your Ole Miss Rebels travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to get down with the Louisiana State University Bayou Bengals...To-Night! That's our kinda party.

The Boy got the mascots out this morning and put them next to the tv.

For the first time since Cooter Brown was in short britches...Ole Miss is favored to win at Tiger Stadium. Death Valley to you...where the dreams of your team come to die. There was a sports writer...not a Southerner, not an American, no connection to college football...who ranked Tiger Stadium as the 3rd hardest stadium to play the WORLD. Ha.

There's a reason for that...Coonasses.

You may know them as at 7:30 in the morning. Teebaux Tibbideaux and his girl Be-at-trace Broussard....great fun til you get over 100 thousand of 'em in Tiger Stadium, in the dark, after their 50th Bud Light...moved on to whiskey.

All we know for sure about tonight is that the chance of rain is 0%.

It's some bad blood between these two.

LSU is pushing the Ole Miss defense with play action (faking a run and then throwing)...they're able to do it immediately because all we've heard is that LSU is gonna run the ball right at em.

This is great....eventually LSU has to actually run the ball to make it work. They have the phenom. Fournette and Ole Miss is the best tackling defense since dirt.

HAHAHAHA...missed field goal by LSU.

Ole Miss 0 - LSU 0

It's on now...dammit.

Shackleford strips the ball....LSU fumbles through the endzone...HA. OLE MISS BALL!

One play later Wallace to Walton touchdown BITCHES!!!

Bull S***! Bull Sh***...they said Walton stepped out of bounds.

Take that *******ers. First and 10 OLe Miss at the 10 yard line.

TOUCHDDDDDOOOOOOWNNNNNN...nothin' to review on that one.

Ole Miss 7 - LSU 0

Prewitt strips the ball...Ole Miss ball again!!! The Ole Miss defense is a ball breaker.

LSU is methodically moving the ball. This is a great ball game...a real chess match. LSU has a very aggressive defense so Ole Miss is using misdirection...get 'em goin in one direction then switch to the other. The Ole Miss defense is very good but it's set up to cover open field plays...teams that pass the ball all over but, LSU just pounds the ball. They use brute force to run the ball right at you. So far Ole Miss has managed a touchdown but LSU is knocking on the door.

4th and goal...Ole Miss stiffened...field goal LSU.

Ole Miss 7 - LSU 3

Great run by Mathers.

Just found out why Dr. Hillman is not with us tonight.

Text...Am in Baton Rouge.

Text...At the game?



Text...Double :)

This is turning out to be a head knocking football game.

Ooooh Kheen just screwed that. Both teams have Australian punters...and both are really good but, the LSU kicker just &&&&ed that one. Ole Miss ball on LSU 35.

Sweet Jay-SUS.  LSU just backed Ole Miss up on three plays straight...but, the Ole Miss Aussie stuck the ball on the 5 yard line. This is old fashioned, field position, slobberkknocking football.

Interception OLE MISS...Golson.

The Ole Miss offense has gone moribund. They haven't been able to take the crowd out of the game and it's wearing on them.

Dammit...LSU picks up 15 yards. Even if they don't move the ball any further they're flipping the field position....SCRATCH THAT SHIT! INTERCEOPTION OLE MISS!!!

Yeah. They got nothing! And now LSU is pounding the ball. This is the great danger with a team like LSU. They beat on you and beat on you and eventually the defense starts to creak and bow.

Great. Shackleford's on the sideline with cramps...LSU 4th and 1. DAAAAAMIT. First down LSU.

Fournette...the freshman running back that has been compared to Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson just had his face mask ripped off while he was running...he kept moving forward. I've never seen a face mask ripped off...ever.

SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT....touchdown LSU. Logan Stokes, of Mussel Shoals Alabama, just snatched a touchdown catch.

Ole Miss 7 - LSU 10.

This is bad. 3rd and 10 Ole Miss...FIRST DOWN. Sweet Cup Cakes!

Unbelievable tackle by's over. That was a stupid play....Ssssssssstupid.

One more chance. 1:20 left...clocks running.  If they can get into field goal range...they can tie it up but, they can't pick up 2 yards to save their lives.

Engrham....just f%%%% dropped it. JUST DROPPED IT.

1st down OLE MISS...Unbelievable.

Another 15 yards gets them in field goal range.

31 seconds left.

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA pass interference on idiots. HA. That puts them almost in field goal range. You idiots. Hahahah

21 seconds...14 seconds.

Wallace picks up 10 yards and gets out of bounds...Stops the clock and the kicker has a chance.

Shit...delay of game on Ole Miss. backs kicker up 5 yards. LSU calls timeout. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZe

Oh shit. WhAT THE %%%%%%%%%% was that. LSU calls a timeout and OLE MISS puts the offense back on the field and Wallace throws a f$$$$$ing rock hard stupid interception. WTF????????????

Piss off.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Greyist Thoughts

I've been trying to get my act together this week...and have been failing. So, you get more of my paintings and videos. Luuuucky.

What those albums could have been without the record company pestering them for more strings. You might need more cowbell but you never need more strings. De Feitas is almost completely washed out of the mix by 8,000 chellos...listen to this s***. The bit between him and Sergeant is a rocket ship.

This one's done I reckon.

This one I'm still workin' out...and taking great pleasure doing it. It's a portrait.

Again the contrast...

The lyrics are always silly...which is fine with me...the trench coat is not. Take that damn thing off. You're inside man.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

NHS Glasses. Do What?

There seems to be a consensus, among our readers, on the U2...that they're vile. These clowns, I'm guessing, are a more complicated proposition. Before we pick up this tar-baby I'd like to explain how it happened that I've posted a picture of The Smiths on this blog.

It's the fault of Swiss Adam at bagging area . Last week he had a series of posts featuring The Clash...the last one coming on Friday.* I spend most Friday's confined to my office with little to do. I watch a lot of videos and documentaries on Youtube. So, a week ago, after reading a post on Rock the Casbah...I found myself searching for Clash documentaries.

I have issues with The Clash that sometimes spoil a listen...these, I believe, are probably mine alone but, I am fascinated by their story and the disintegration of the band. It still boggles my mind that Mick Jones was told to get out. Splits happen but in what dimension is it a good idea to fire Mick Jones? I still don't understand exactly what happened...and then there's Strummer in the Medicine Show what, months later?

Anyway, there are bands, like the Clash, whose story is as interesting to me as their music. I went through documentaries on early Who...then Quadraphenia and the Mod revival in the 70's.. a little bit about The Jam. One on Mods, Rockers and Beatniks in 60's England. On the sidebar...the Smiths kept popping up. I don't know how I feel about The Smiths as a band...I can't decide, but their story, the phenomenon, and the convoluted bits about their break up I knew made them perfect for that day's viewing...then the next and the next.

The more I heard the more confused I became.

Everybody kept talking about how they were unique for presenting themselves as average Northern, working class, your average Mancunian swags around with a fragrant bouquet in his britches?**
Of course, everything has it's context

Compared to the new wave acts they charted's a fair assessment. Besides Marr and the other two do seem right off the road. Even Morrissey with his flowers and Mardi Gras beads doesn't seem that flamboyant. Them glasses. I didn't think anything of them. Then I heard they were a prop...and now I know they were NHS glasses. At the time I wouldn't have understood what that meant. If he had been swinging a block of government cheese...that would have translated. Well, there's no hiding your glasses so, now I can see it as a very decent, or maybe a very clever, gesture. These things we're completely lost on most of us.

A lot of this is hindsight from the late 80's early 90's. I was 9 in 1982 and only bought one Smiths record while they were still together...a 12" single for Panic. (A song that still tickles me). By 1986 I was practically living in a record store and I know how they were thought of generally.  Not only were they grouped in with The Cure...but also with New Order.

So, it made me laugh every time they would talk about The Smiths as a guitar band or when Marr would go on a tangent about New Order. Looking back it's easier to see just how different they were but, at the time, to half of the underground, indie, whatever, record buying public they were just another Depeche Mode.

I don't know how bands like the Smiths viewed their success in the States but, in that world, the college radio world or whatever, they were like superstars. They had catchy songs, videos, and they were used to presenting themselves to wider audiences. MTV did the rest...which actually lagged behind the life of the band.***

There was a level of resentment from certain quarters toward all these "English" bands. On More Fun in the New World, X complains with I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts...

"The facts we hate
You'll never hear us
I hear the radio is finally gonna play new music
You know, the British invasion
But what about The Minutemen, Fleasheaters, DOA, Big Boys and The Black Flag?
Will the last American band to get played on the radio please bring the flag?
Please bring the flag!
Glitter-disco-synthesizer night school"

The obnoxious kid from Salt Lake City Punk (set in 1985) a very foul-mouthed taste.

The funniest and most childish outburst came from The Dead Milkmen...You'll Dance to Anything. If Marr was aware of the song I'm sure he was horrified to have The Smiths grouped in with Book of Love and the Communards. Ha. Yeah in comparison to Human League The Smiths were a back to basics guitar band...but, it didn't really translate and nobody confused them with Husker Du or Sonic Youth.

We still bought the records though. The Cure, The Smiths and Echo and The Bunnymen...Joy Dvsion via New Order were in the collection of every teenage record collector. We didn't share the older kids resentment. Most of us came up on New Wave. Duran Duran is the reason I started going to real record stores as a little kid. It was almost inevitable that the next round of American bands would be steeped in British post-punk or indie-pop. You could see it coming with the Pixies. Nirvana pimped the Vaselines and Raincoats...Pavement were obsessed with TV Personalities, Swell Maps and of course The Fall.

Still, Morrissey was a special case. Try for a moment, to imagine that he isn't in the music papers, that all you know of him is on the records. The public spats, the punch lines, the self references and...none of it translates. There was little nuance and humor for an audience so far out of the loop. He just seemed like a self-obsessed, melodramatic, bore (which I suppose he is everywhere to some extent). As far as I know, in the States, Marr is still held in the highest regard while Morrissey has no presence to speak of except among a small obsessive following. I was completely taken aback to hear that his most obsessed fans in Britain were male...that point kept coming up. I liked the Smiths alright and I knew other fellas that liked them but, the obsessives were always girls.

Anyway with some distance and reams of context...a lot the songs seem more clever and even funny.  I still can't listen to the songs that are driven by Morrissey meandering through a maudlin melody...or the songs where the band fades to background music but, I have developed a new appreciation for songs I hadn't thought about in years.

"the grease in the hair
of a speedway operator
is all a tremulous heart requires"

That's pretty good...I can't deny it.

That's also enough of this rambling mess.


P.S. It was the sweet Southern husk of Mary Huff's voice that also made this post possible...she broke the noise lock that morning on the way to work...when this one slipped past the censors.

Not entirely inappropriate...if only Morrissey had actually been a girl. They may have been the perfect band.

* It's actually the week before last now.

**As a Southerner...Morrissey is obviously Truman Capote (don't be fooled by the exotic surname...he was born a Persons). Not in any way typical but, still a legitimate Southern character. If you're wondering Mark E Smith is Mary Flannery O'Conner.

*** See Perks of Being a Wallflower for an example of how The Smiths were still a living entity in the minds of U.S. high schoolers as late as the early 90's.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Dave's Darkhorse

That's me and The Sister. Most people find this hard to believe...but, I'm the older sibling.* Those of you who are long time readers of the various blogs know that I have never been anything but a loving brother. In return, I have regularly been called names, including "demon"...and been told to "suck it" and "can it." Do any of y'all remember the "Happy Birthday Moron" cake?  It's tough being an older brother to such a prickly woman but Love is thankless.

It's her birthday today. It was not her birthday Monday when she was impatiently moaning about the Ole Miss post...begging attention for her Dawgs and the town of Starkville.  If she had bothered to look at a calendar she might have hesitated before showing her ***! My sister is a graduate of Mississippi State University and she is right to demand some love for her school's football team.

MSU had a big win over Texas A&M this weekend. As a reward they get to play the #2 team in the country Auburn on Saturday. That's alright...State is ranked #3. Heady times in the Golden Triangle. It's reminiscent of the days when she was in the student section...when Jackie Wayne Sherrill roamed the sidelines..

When she snuck me and Martha into the student section so we could get the "Whiskey Shower"...:cough:forafaketouchdown:cough:. When she nearly got us kicked out of our apartment ringing a cowbell!...and when MSU made it to Atlanta.

When, in a thick smoke, we and local potheads, Hogleg (it means what?) were regulars at Dave's Darkhorse.

Good Times...Good Times.

Happy Birthday...Little Fred.

The one thing on her iphone I think we can all agree some extent.

*Latest anecdote..."Now which one of you is older?" Chloe's Mom. 8/6/14, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, BLB's Birthday Party.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Joy and Pandemonium in Mississippi

Added...gameday commercial that ran last week.

It started in the The Grove with Gameday and special guest picker Katy Perry. Perry was a head scratcher. She has no connection to Mississippi or Ole Miss...except, as it turns out her manager and mentor are Ole Miss grads. She actually did a great job. Somebody coached her well. If the videos from last night in Oxford are any indication she may be a Rebel for life now.

The corndogs are an almost Dadaist joke about LSU.

The of the best I've ever seen.

The aftermath. It's hilarious watching the girls in their dresses coming over the rails.

One more...and then I'll stop. This is a piece that was done for the show by Wright Thompson. A pretty sharp sports writer from Clarkesdale.
It's a touching piece about his Daddy and the way that these games act as a bonding agent for families and our culture in general.