Friday, January 31, 2014

These People Need Jesus...

but, for now, all they've got is me.

And I'm making a hash of it.

Somehow a sketch that had life and tension in it became this staid yawner. Booo Hissss Boo!

See how the hair in the drawing is a cohesive shape that could stand on it's on...a swoop with a contained explosion.  In the painting it's just a textury mess. No life in her body at all. This painting makes me want to punch myself.

We'll be taking the scraper to it tonight.

The image comes from the brawl at the Ascot in 2011...which I've only just discovered. Not on a bet could I have come up with something better than people in top hats and tails trying to crush each other's skulls in with champagne bottles.

We have had a winner though....

(That's better...the other picture is so murky)

Of all the paintings that have come out of my garage in the last two months...this, is probably the only one I truly happy with. It still wants a few touches when it there's still time to ruin it. Fingers crossed.

Next up...why you will never want to hear 12 bar, Delta Blues again.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drunk Brits

I don't mean your average functioning alcoholic. I mean the binge drinking cocktail dresses that show up in the Daily Mail once or twice a year. We've all got 'em but, with the possible exception of The Grove at Ole Miss, your sots are the best dressed.

This poor girl is so drunk she's got two right feet.

Here she is again with two left shoes.

For the Mail and The Sun these pictures are a real me they're brilliant. Girls throwing up in tiaras...come on man. There will be more.

Bet on it.

I may also try and recreate some scenes from the riots a couple of years when Adamparsons made those elderly people strip naked before he robbed them.

Then we'll head to Ibiza.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Angle Carver 

Somebody follow me and see if this crap shows up in your Reader. 

If not we're taking our ball and going someblogplace else.

Here listen to this until we get it sorted.