Friday, September 5, 2014

Co'cola not Coke a Co-lahhhh

My Daddy's been up for the last week or so...always a pleasure. Last weekend him and Martha were out trimmin' the bushes (I was napping) when Daddy got tore up by some wasps. By that evening his hand was swolled up pretty bad. There was only one thing to be done for it...he'd have to go see my sister and milk some anti-venom from her fangs.

In exchange, she kept him there two nights...drastic circumstances call for drastic measures but, I'm not sure I would have been willing to pay that price.

He did come back with this clip though...

For those of you not in the U.S....try this Buford Calloway.

If you were humorless, there are some problems here...chief among them being the old Yankee adage that a man's not a man unless the snow falls on his back...but, we are not humorless here. This s*** is hilarious...and fairly accurate! We don't do snow and the best place for you to be in a dusting is at home...with the doors locked. We fear snow like a Lancastrian fears the Sun.

The Georgian shot at South Carolina was a nice touch.

One thing's Co'cola...not coke a co-lahhhh. :)


  1. Funny clip. One time I was staying with my family in New York. It was a mild Autumn day, but the weather forecast said snow was due overnight. I couldn't believe it. I walked home from the local bar at about midnight, in shirt sleeves. Eight hours later I got out of bed and looked out the window to find that 24 inches had fallen overnight. 24 inches! Remarkably though, no flights were cancelled, transportation ran normally and no schools were closed. New York was prepared. In the UK we do 'do' snow, but we're rarely ever prepared. Everything just grinds to a halt.

    1. We lived in Connecticut when I was in graduate it snowed. They did get it off the road...and onto parked cars that hadn't got the warning to move. For a week there'd be these huge mounds of snow along the side of the road with mirrors sticking out their sides. Ha.

      I hate snow...I hate the cold...bitterly. We do get some every once in a great while and we also grind to a complete halt. It never last the afternoon though...the "faih Geo'gia Lady" fixes that.

  2. Unfortunately I can't get the clip to play but just looking at the guy's face here is making me smile...

    Hope your Dad's hand has healed... those wasp stings are nasty... They say if you save a wasp's life you'll never get stung again. I'm forever helping them out of the bird bath...

    1. Even the non US link? That's what I get for taking technical advice from somebody who was probably peeing in the street when he gave it.

      It took a couple days for the swelling to go down but he survived. The wasps did we may be in trouble.

      In other news we got a hummingbird feeder. Those little ----- are mean and loud.

    2. D'oh... yes the non-US link works fine. I read the post, clicked on the youtube clip, found it didn't work three times and your thoughtful link went straight over my fluffy head...

      He sounds quite English...?

      I don't think the wasp thing works that way round so you may be ok. I mean, if you save a wasp, he goes back to tell his mates. If you kill a whole nest of wasps, there are no mates to tell. ...

      Great about the hummingbird feeder :-)

    3. "He sounds quite English"

      It's an exaggerated accent but, yes...he's meant to be gentr-ish so a lot of English South influence but, you could probably diagram all our sentences with a map of British regions.

      It's who we are and had we been left alone...we would evoke a more Commonwealth feel than American.

      They are such mean little bastards. If another comes within 20ft of the feeder...the eater bolts out to attack. While they're eating, they seem perfectly still.

    4. Maybe upper class would be better than Southern English.

  3. Shame could not get the clip either....I'm a pepsi man (diet)

    1. Damn.

      So the sheep's boyfriend did let us down then by not anticipating we might have viewers that weren't in the US or the UK.

      Try searching Youtube for Atlanta Survivor SNL or Buford Calloway SNL.

      My Daddy's always loved Pepsicola too. The Pepsi Generation.