Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hotter Than The Spot Where Your Pop Got Arrested At

For those of you who don't care to might want to listen. The greatest cover version of any song EVAR!

All Saturday's in the Fall are special but, I reckon, this one's extra special

My beloved, and once Mighty, Florida Gators travel to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide.

This video has not been posted for its song...which is really kinda awful. It's been posted in honor of Vern Lundquist. He's the color man for SEC games...this, at the very beginning of the clip, has to be one of his greatest professional moments. "There are few Truths in an uncertain world..." Indeed. Darth Vader wears Alabama underpants....they  have been described as Manchester United. If so, Kentucky is middle-aged clerks and cops kicking a ball around on Sunday afternoon. Last week it took three overtimes for the Gators to beat Kentucky.

I've also posted it because I was there that day...sadly.

Kick off and commentary @ 2:30 Central there or be y'all.

2006 was a very different story.

10 minutes.

One play, 87 yards...Touchdown Alabama.

Gators 0 - Alabama 7

Hot Damn! Fumble recovery...Florida ball at Alabama 35.


Florida 7 - Alabama 7

FUMBLE ALABAMA!!!!  Touchdown GATORS! The Gators are ****** WINNING!

Florida 14 - Alabama 7

Hargreaves is a grown man.

WIDE LEFT.  Still...

Florida 14 - Alabama 7

Another one play 80 yard touchdown Alabama.

Florida 14 - Alabama 14

Interception Alabama but not the end of the was 3rd down and Bama got it on the 10. You'd be happy with a punt like that. Of course, they're moving the ball again.

FUMBLE NUMBER THREE for Bama!!!  Gator ball!!!

Fumble Gators...this ridiculous.

It's not gonna stop Alabama from scoring but Neal just put a permanent mark on Travis Henry.

Touchdown Alabama. No bomb just a methodical march down half the field (thanks to fumble).

Florida 14 - Alabama 21

Just lackluster...The Gators are only down seven but they've had no sustained drives...every point coming because of an Alabama turnover. It's the same uptight offense we've seen for the last four years.

Half Time

Florida 14 - Alabama 21

The crowd of nearly 102,000 has been treated to a few brilliant moments and a lot of bumbling. Five turnovers in the first half.  Alabama gets the ball first this half.

INTERCEPTION GATORS. Ball on the Alabama 14...if they can't score six here...nevermind...TOUCHDOWN GATORS!!!!!

Florida 21 - Alabama 21

McCallister put Sims on his ASSSSSS!

How, in the name of cupcakes and kittens, do you give up 23 yards on a rinky dink screen pass????

Next play...Henry walks in for TD.

Florida 21 - Alabama 28

Sims has been knocked out for a play or two but, it hasn't mattered...Yeldon and Henry are running the ball at will now.

That's just pure can't stop that. Touchdown Alabama on a ridiculously good catch by Cooper.

Florida 21 - Alabama 35

Interception might as well turn out the lights...the party's over.

Florida ran a whole 6 plays in the third quarter...Alabama ran 28.

Vern is describing it as a show now...nother touchdown for Cooper.
Florida 21 - Alabama 42
Alabama is taking pity on Florida now.


  1. I have no idea what you're talking about but if there's a Bud and some crackers and maybe a few of those cherry tomatoes going spare then I wouldn't say no. Cheers!

    1. You are welcome to them ma'am. We got carrots and radishes too...some asiago cheese too.

    2. All you really need to know is captured by the attempted destruction of the bus stop.

  2. "Football, eh? Everyone wanting to be George Best; half-time bottle of tap water and a satsuma; jumpers for goal-posts". Oh, hang on...well I did see the original Skynyrd live not long before the crash and very good it was too. 'Freeeeee-biiiird!'. Do you you have any veggie samosas?

  3. They play the song at the stadium and after ever Sweet Home Alabama you get over 100,000 yell ROLL TIDE ROLL.
    This one's The Bama Boyz... I can't find it for purchase.
    We played many tackle football games (let's call it tackle football...that's something we call it and American football just doesn't work) just like that, drinking from the garden hose... We all wanted to be Bo Jackson or Herschel Walker.
    I think we could manage some samosas...I reckon I'll have to change out the oil for you ruffage eaters, or we could do the chicken tenders last.
    We just brought on a line called Dukes and they make a Cajun Ranch sauce that would be perfect.

  4. Put me down for a veggie samosa or two. As for the game, I think Dougal said it best in an episode of Father Ted, 'I'm HUGELY confused'.

    1. I might try my hand at those next Saturday...Florida is playing at Tennessee. During the 90's it was one of the biggest games on the it's just sad. Though Tennessee seems to be moving in the right direction. Anyway, it will still look like a big game and will deserve a big spread.

      Despite the horrible state of the this team...I feel like talking about the game...I'm gonna break it down today.

  5. If there’s an affinity between Alabama and Manchester United, could Man U borrow the Alabama defence between now and May? Yesterday, I was torn between watching United demolish Leicester and Lewis Hamilton race against team-mate Nico Rosberg. When United got to 3-1 (not surprising, given they’ve just spent £150m on new players), I decided to record the footer and watch the Singapore grand prix through to the end to see if Hamilton could retake the lead in the drivers’ championship by winning (Rosberg’s car conked out, Hamilton was 22 points behind him, and a win’s worth 25 points). After Hamilton won, I flicked back to the football to discover that Leicester – an unfashionable team newly promoted from the Championship - had beaten United 5-3. Obviously, I cancelled the recording. FFS, as they say.

    You might have to find some other team to compare Alabama with.

    1. Hamilton won again? Dammit...adamparsons is getting all the wins right now.

      It's the long view we're taking here...15 National Championships, 23 SEC Championships...sweet jeee....anyway, they aren't the defense you want this year. That would be Ole Miss...that defense is frightening.