Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black Cat

C, over at Sun Dried Sparrows, has set me off on a that I have been trying to write for a few days now. One that features desperate battles in the desert and swanky outfits...but one that will probably never see the light of day. So, instead, you get more work in progress...

and more racket. The Hospitals.

The sweetest deconstruction of rocknroll you'll ever hear.

It's not quiet in that room.



  1. Whew, I have no idea what art I would produce against that music but I don't think it would fit my usual genre...
    You're so prolific, Erik, I'm impressed. I feel your energy!

    1. This is the same painting from the last post...the first picture is where the animal was standing before. Those two together make the top half of the canvas.

      I've worked my way to the bottom half's a big one.

      I really love the loud...but, Rich People becomes more brilliant every time I hear. That is also the best video that was ever made :).

    2. I didn't realise that about the painting - I'll have to find a way to line up all the images. How big?!

      Meant to say earlier that I'm intrigued about the tangent... desert battles and swanky outfits... Hope you get to put it all down at some point.

    3. I think 4 x 5 feet. I'll get a full pic. up now that it's staring to take shape.

      I'll try to get it written up...I was only trying to make a simple point about Jibba's and it turned into a 5,000 words about the Gordon Relief expedition and Re-conquest of the Sudan. When I found myself going to the book shelf...I had to call a timeout.