Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Many Countries are in this Country

Flimsy Cups: Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 2: ...I was in Dingle lookin for the fish stand where I'd eatin late the night before. It was nowhere to be found. Then it started raining....

Escape From Ireland.

Flimsy Cups: Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 1: I'm pretty sure this is the Port/Train Station at Holyhead in Wales. It's also the place where I set a trash can on fire, where ...

I was looking for an old post yesterday and came across these. Some of my adventures in the UK and Ireland. I don't even think C was around when these were posted.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Do Not Be Alarmed!

These words are typed by me, not in a hospital but, in the comfort of my own back porch. I am alive and well...full of vim and vigor...rejuvenated by yet another failed attempt on my life by Satan's hand puppet.

Screwtape there is a young'n...he'll be black as lump charcoal in a few years...won't be any more full of venom though. He's already wired for sound. I stepped right over him looking for a golf ball. I heard the unmistakable sound of a snake moving over dried leaves right behind me...right behind me. Like at my heel.


Long time readers, of this and the various blogs, will know this is not the first time the Devil has sent his dirty workers after me; however, this is the first time I've been tracked out of state. This attempt came in Georgia...Lake Park, Georgia.

Do not be alarmed...I survived the attempted attack...and sent him slithering back to his boss with a message...

Friday, May 15, 2015

In Las Vegas?????

No more grey haired pictures now.

I think it was B.B. Kings 16 Greatest Hits...a cassette. It was my Daddy's. I appropriated it...and the family tape recorder and played it everywhere I went...which, at this point in my life, was limited to the front and back yard.

This is the song that did it to me...I wrecked that part of the tape. Play, Rewind, Play, Rewind, Play...until I had every hiss memorized. Which was good cause I'd shredded it by then.

King was my Daddy's favorite and I remember one night as a small child being baby-sat so him and my Momma could go see him. It seemed like magic to me...that they could go and see a person from the records. I tried to imagine what it would be like.

Two years ago we were able to take The Boy to see him. It was a rough night on a four year old but, he made it long enough to hear King sing You Are My Sunshine...and that was long enough. It was priceless watching his face.

Keep an eye on your computer for this one...the first few minutes might melt your screen.

As a rule, I am loath to join in with moments of mandatory mourning but, King's music was an integral part of my childhood. As a corporate loss it's crushing, even if not can't replace Southerners like this.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Black Tights

I guess if you had to'd take Andy Warhol over Charles Manson. Obviously you'd look better...and, honestly, isn't that enough?

Also, with Andy the body count was lower and, as with his's not clear who's hands were actually getting conviction.

In 1965, Andy Warhol met Edie Sedgwick at a party. Captivated at first sight, Warhol claims to have felt something like love for her. We know it weren't lust. My guess is that it was overwhelming desire to possess Edie's identity. Sedgwick's blood was a Founding shade of blue. Regal by nature with an effortless charm, she was everything the awkward, pocked, Andy Warhola was not.

Andy took her on as an avatar.

That's a dangerous position to be in with a narcissistic it ended badly. Of course, that's not all Andy's fault. She was a grown woman with her own capacity for destruction. She wasn't kidnapped and she benefitted from the least for a little while.

Still, of all the people in the world for her to have lighted on...he was the one almost guaranteed to knock at least ten years off her life.

"It's easier to go down"...Who is that moron?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

All You Protest Kids!

Enough of the murder and mayhem...for the moment at least.

Right in the middle of all the nonsense we've been covering...the Velvet Underground, Venus in Furs, Heroin, White Light/White Heat, Sister Ray...that Velvet Underground, offered up one of the most precious songs ever recorded.

This final version puts Jack in the corset and Jane in the vest but it's still just a boy and a girl who want to get home to each other at night. The great anti-ideology...the anecdote to the murderous mass mind. The only place the individual can truly genuine relation. Listen closely Protest Jack emerges into his individuality with exuberance!

It's impossible to hear Sweet Jane without Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell echoing in the background. They had a hi-fi phono...and they let it blast!

They call it domestic bliss for a reason.