Sunday, July 27, 2014

Like A Pair of Shitty Pants

Something really shitty happened to Martha this week.

Other than to say she it not hurt and nobody is in jail...I'm not allowed to talk about it... for now.

So, I've written down everything I'd like to say and put it behind this picture.

I can say this much...despite what y'all may believe, because of the high level of sophistication with which I carry stunning good looks, I do not come from gentile stock. I have pure grain 100 proof  Cracker running through my veins...the urge to go completely Red Neck on all this is still strong after three days...but, with some difficulty, I'm behaving myself. I'm exercising restraint.

See how restrained I can be...

Little &^%$$# obviously deserves an Alabama Beatdown but....restraint is the word.

Restraint!!!! MOTHER ^%$##S!!!! RESTRAINT!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pull My Lips Back

I guess I shouldn't have assumed there would be any familiarity with the originals covered in the last post. So, in fairness to our readers....


If I have the story right...this video was cobbled together for the UK market where the song had gotten some slight traction. This is the version that appeared on Slanted and Enchanted. They played a much noisier version for John Peel.

Gold Soundz

As was typical after they'd actually become a band...this is a very pretty song but, it has a seedy side.
"Did you remember/In December/That I won't eat you when I'm gone." :0

Shady Lane

Hmmm...the best thing about this version is the first break in the song...the look on his face before informing the crowd they'll get to "cheer twice for this one" is probably all you need to know about them by 1999. Though I should point out we saw them not long after this in New Orleans and they ripped the curtains down.


Just awesome...that's all...and no I won't settle down about it.


Edit: Here's the band five days after playing a private show for C and a few other people from Reading in 92

Perfume V and In the Mouth a Desert.

Friday, July 11, 2014

We're Coming to the Chorus...eventually

Last Saturday I sat on our back porch drinkin' beer in the hot air...

...a buzz in the afternoon staring at the lake...listening to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. There may be other music that is also suitable for drinking in the afternoon but, I don't think there's a better one...certainly not in the summer time.

In fact there's not a better record from the 1990's full stop. Really it has to be on a very short list no matter what decade you consider.

We'll come to that and The Boy are preparing a video review of the record for your edification.

Crooked Rain is an inevitable consequence of just happens. This year it was a cover that set it off. Gold Soundz is a sun baked slab of good as anything Brian Wilson ever wrote. This cover version may actually make a better case than the original.

It's like that sometimes with, let's have a few more before moving on.

Julie Doiron from Eric's Trip goofing on Shady Lane from Brighten the Corners. Brighten the Corners was not the best album of the 1990' fact it was quite a disappointment. Horrible bloodless, deliberate production and almost any version of the songs not on the album is an improvement. This one's fun.

Nobody need ever bother with this one has been obliterated.

Lotta folks have taken a stab at Here...Grandaddy, Built to Spill...but Tendersticks owns it.

Next up we take a long hard look at the business of RocknRoll....and watch with glee as it's burnt to the ground.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Conversations with BLB

The Boy has become a conversationalist. He still talks a lot of nonsense (really...a lot) but it has become increasingly clear that he prefers conversation to communication and chit chatter.

We have a lot of theological discussions. He thinks about these things.
Our first was last year during a thunder storm. I half jokingly tried the God rearranging his furniture a segue to explaining that God is an immaterial being. He laughed and then, in a very matter of fact, ohhh Daaaady, tone he explained to me that God doesn't need furniture because he doesn't have a body. Well then... 
There's been quite a few conversations about the fully Human nature of Christ...conversations and observations.
"Jesus had a..."
"Yeah son I reckon he did"
I think that was established at the little known, actually entirely unknown, Council of Ephesus in 327. Jesus did have a penis (or wiener if you prefer) and yes he did go potty. Fully God....Fully man.
If fully man....then there is a possibility that The Boy could have beaten Jesus in a foot race. Maybe he wasn't that fast...that was an exciting possibility.
This week's talk was different tough. A much beloved security guard at his school finally succumbed to cancer. It's been a few weeks since Mr. Joseph passed but it perturbed his thought a couple of days ago while he was putting on his shoes.

"Why does God give people get cancer." You could hear the irritation in his voice.

I was taken aback and honestly a little excited...he's pondering these things. If he doesn't think about them he'll never hold them True or dear. He'll drop it like a bad habit or even worse just spend his life going through the motions...or horror of horror's end up at some Six Flags Over Jesus, listening to contemporary Christian music...wondering in a panic why the Holy Spirit hasn't moved over him like an epileptic fit...or why God hasn't blessed him with a Rolex because God wants his followers to be rich...or God only knows what.*

First, I gave him a Christian answer...God doesn't give people cancer. The world is fallen because of Sin but God by his grace has provided a way out. That is what I believe and I hope that is what the Boy believes but, that is not a very satisfactory answer to the's a conclusion to be drawn after considering and thinking through a series of questions about Evil and suffering, etc.

The first thing we have to do is establish the fact of Evil...or Good for that matter. I started to ask him why it was bad for someone to get cancer...but, he was satisfied for the moment (we will return to it I'm certain) and went on a rant about Adam, Eve and Judas....he really dislikes Judas right now. Now I'm trying to explain that Judas is not responsible for Sin in the world but....

"Ok Daddy first thing we have to do when we get outside is go down the water and make sure the Japanese aren't attacking by boat." Our backyard has been battled over more times than the last Twinkie and The Boy has fought gallantly against Yankees, the Imperial Japanese, Pathans, the British, Zulus and the French Foreign Legion.

When we got to the water he determined that the Japanese had already come ashore and were to our rear...between us and our base (the deck). He assessed the situation like a salty veteran would...


Salty indeed.

"You're not gonna tell Moma are you?"

*There is of course the rainbow, social justice, liberation theology option...where he agitates for some new legislation because Jesus came to establish the modern coercive welfare state....where he admonished his followers to feed the poor with threats of violence and incarceration...but, that's highly unlikely around here.

I think of all these options being forced to listen to contemporary Christian music would be the most punishing.