Monday, April 21, 2014


It's finally warming up in this bi---!
Our flowers should have come in a glorious burst and been gone by now. Instead there being petered out in splotches. We actually had a frost week before last.

I HATE THE COLD!...with a bleeding purple passion I HATE IT! I stood over the grill* babying a rack of ribs, I felt a trickle of sweat start between my shoulder blades and run a course down along my spine. AHHHH....Heat.

Heat...and Gators.

As Martha mentioned in the last post, me, my Daddy and the Boy, spent Friday on the golf course. There were gators everywhere.**

 photo image_zps89c4002c.jpg

He tried to get closer but the gator swung his tail and disappeared in a splash.

You'll see he's still suffering greatly with the arm. They just put a cast on it today but, we wont' be able to see's camouflage. It's probably not gonna be as angular as the splint

What? Yes I've been eyeing his broken arm for inspiration...I can't help it. It's an organic limb stuffed into a rectangle with a lopsided square at the end...there are fingers.

 photo image_zpsadea6cd3.jpg

Obviously, I need some inspiration to flesh this one's sputtering. Maybe I could talk him into breaking his foot.


*It's actually a ceramic BBQ but since I'm trying to break some of you from referring to any metal bowl with a grill as a BBQ....

** We love the gators (I saw three of them this morning crossing the spillway) but they are a sign that our arch enemy is back on the crawl.


  1. Well, we're in Bangkok and saw a rat a third of the size of the cat chasing it scurry past our feet a couple hours ago.

    1. I should probably point out, since I'm talking to someone who lives in Australia, that the creature in the picture with my only son is not nearly so rude and vicious as a crocodile ....or a rat for that matter.

    2. Saltwater crocodiles are pretty special, even by Australian standards. BTW you'd love the weather in Bangkok. It's like swimming through piping hot soup.

  2. It's gorgeous. I wish we had them round here! (Btw I'm currently working on an animal alphabet book in which A is for Alligator, so it was the first creature I drew for this project - don't think I've ever drawn one before!)
    I could look at your art for hours too. And good to see The Boy smiling in spite of it all (hope you and Martha are feeling better too...)

    1. Thank you ma'am....I have another coming soon. A good one I think.

      He's been fine since the moment after his bones were set...though he doesn't like to talk about that part. Me and Martha on the other hand...that Was a rough one.

      I really hope we get to see the Gator.