Friday, April 4, 2014

An Actual Artist

Late last year I finally got a look at f-words art. F-word is the father of Godzilla and partner of our own Spliff (which is why I want y'all to tell him how great his work is but to also say a prayer for him tonight*).

He is an actual gallery's like...who sells paintings in these galleries.**

 photo image_zpsc99b5317.jpg


 photo image_zpsffb0ad3d.jpg

These are from a series of Cardinals and, as you can see, they are fantastic but there was one in particular that i really loved...

 photo image_zpsa676843b.jpg

...he is now in my office...waiting on a frame or something. He's just a little fella...some metric nonsense. Don't ask me I only speak human...he's about the size of an old polaroid picture.

Check out his work here.

The work is very much to my suits my tastes but, that aside, it's just fine work.

*We're starting a new feature here on Low Cotton...a prayer list. First on that list is me of course. Y'all know the kind of people I have to deal with in my life..coughadamparsonscough...and then there's that taxing thing with Miro...never mind the tremendous blow it would be to the internet if something happened to me, the fallout for art history could be catastrophic...Cosmic in its proportions.

Darrin's gotta be second on that list though...considering what he's dealing with there.

:ducking: :0

**Y'all should know that I have been comissioned, by Martha...for the handsome sum of 40 dollars, to paint two images. I think she's playing me for a ho here...who am i kidding i would've done it for five bucks.


  1. I feed on your prayers. Thank you for the post!

    1. Oh no. Everybody pray harder....she's on to us.

  2. This are wonderful and full of fascination. Will be checking out the link pronto!

    1. The figures aren't labored...or they don't seem to be, but full of character. His bigger pieces are the same way.

  3. They're really compelling, just want to keep looking. I especially love the textures, the face and hair of the second one, and the feet on your favourite 'little fella'. Brilliant stuff.

    Lots of luck to you on your own forthcoming gallery exhibitions, Erik :-)

    1. I love the colors and textures...which is especially interesting to me. My own jumbles of angular shapes and boxes need depth and's good inspiration.

      Thank you ma'am. I am working on that and you'll be the first to know.

      You do know that you too are on the Low Cotton All Star list...anonymously of course.

  4. I love your posts. The Cardinals were amazing. The red one was my favourite.