Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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For weeks I've been hearing about this kids exploits on the monkey bars.

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Evidently there's a platform leading up to the monkey bars at school. The first rung is right there above the platform. Pfffft. Fine for the mere ambulatory but an action hero needs a challenge....which jumping out to the second rung was no longer providing. So yesterday afternoon, he went for the third...
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...and got a Popsicle for his efforts.


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    1. We've already dabbed the sling with chicken blood and the cast will be sealed with melted wax from a purple candle.

  2. Oh NO! Poor boy, hope it heals well. He looks suitably heroic!

    1. I had just left Biloxi, and was three hours away when I got a text from Martha that he'd been hurt at school. I got to the hospital just in time to watch them set it for the second time.

      He is a tough little ----

      Me and his mama aren't quite that tough.

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    1. He is...and as a bargaining chip (the first thing he said to me, as he was laying on the bed there, seconds after having hiss arm twisted, pulled, and bent in the brutal process of lining his bones back up (worst moment as a parent yet) he says to me "we're probably gonna have to get me a box of soldiers for this."

      Little ----...he's got a box of beau gueste era french foreign legion on the way.

  4. This is Martha hacking the blog. I just want to be clear...I did not text my husband that our child was hurt. As much as I hate the phone, I actually called him. P.S. That little champ's only emotional tears (rather than physical pain induced tears) came when he figured out he won't be able to swing a golf club for a while. He is at the course right now with his Grandaddy and Daddy surely receiving chips, candies and carbonated beverages for his cooperation. Despite my having to work this holiday, I did manage a pedicure and nap for MY suffering. Happy Easter!

  5. Ouch!
    Bad luck, young man!
    Despite that setback,a Happy Easter to the Bartlams.

    1. Thank you sir.

      We are enjoying it with ribs on the grill.

      Happy Easter to yall

  6. Oh no. Poor little chap. I hope his recovery is swift.

  7. The biggest problem he's having now is remembering he has a broken arm and that he needs to settle his ass.

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    1. True. True. Me and Martha decided, after looking over my kindergarten picture, that he looks just like, that's lucky for him.