Friday, October 31, 2014

Bloody Mary

The cops are already patrolling the neighborhood.  Probably looking for me...

Justin Bieber.

Tonight's the night our neighborhood is over run with little punks...little punk-ass, demanding, will eye-cuss you if you run out of candy, bumble bees, princesses, cowboys and...

We live out of the way...there's no through traffic so we get kids from all around the area. Kids and their parents drunk driving tricked out golf carts, at two miles an hour, with 10 kids hangin' off the the last boat outta Saigon. They are voracious for the candy...little fiends.

I'm ready for 'em this year though...

I mean...I'm ready for 'em this year....



Post-structuralist Halloween?

The kid in the Mississippi State uniform insisted that he was Dak Prescott...the all-world quarterback for MSU...he did not acknowledge the Bat Man mask he was wearing.


Looks like the real zombie problem is in England...Lancashire to be more specific. Lock your doors y'all....there's an adamparsons on the loose.


  1. Your little white zombie ghoul vampire monster is a cutie!

    (Cool shades you're wearing therre too, Justin)

    1. :)

      He's supposed to be mummy...but, he's just too energetic to pull it off. I have blisters for finger tips now after hot gluing 500 strips of felt to an old pair of pajamas.

      I'm badass...I make the shades...that's all.

  2. Flipping Zombies get everywhere! At my door last night. Looks like you had fun, though. Digging your eyewear.

    1. We had the Boy convinced to be a punk rocker for about five minutes...then he insisted on being a zombie punk rocker.
      "NO ZOMBIES...I can't take it anymore."

      It was fun but, slower than usual. Friday night is high school football...and nothing gets in the way of that.

  3. I'll give Kanye a call and tell him you found his glasses!
    The zombie/mummy boy is terrifying. I had to sleep with the light on.

    1. Kanye tries to pattern hisself after me.

      It's the missing teeth...that's what really sets it off. He'll be delighted to hear it.