Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Dave's Darkhorse

That's me and The Sister. Most people find this hard to believe...but, I'm the older sibling.* Those of you who are long time readers of the various blogs know that I have never been anything but a loving brother. In return, I have regularly been called names, including "demon"...and been told to "suck it" and "can it." Do any of y'all remember the "Happy Birthday Moron" cake?  It's tough being an older brother to such a prickly woman but Love is thankless.

It's her birthday today. It was not her birthday Monday when she was impatiently moaning about the Ole Miss post...begging attention for her Dawgs and the town of Starkville.  If she had bothered to look at a calendar she might have hesitated before showing her ***! My sister is a graduate of Mississippi State University and she is right to demand some love for her school's football team.

MSU had a big win over Texas A&M this weekend. As a reward they get to play the #2 team in the country Auburn on Saturday. That's alright...State is ranked #3. Heady times in the Golden Triangle. It's reminiscent of the days when she was in the student section...when Jackie Wayne Sherrill roamed the sidelines..

When she snuck me and Martha into the student section so we could get the "Whiskey Shower"...:cough:forafaketouchdown:cough:. When she nearly got us kicked out of our apartment ringing a cowbell!...and when MSU made it to Atlanta.

When, in a thick smoke, we and local potheads, Hogleg (it means what?) were regulars at Dave's Darkhorse.

Good Times...Good Times.

Happy Birthday...Little Fred.

The one thing on her iphone I think we can all agree some extent.

*Latest anecdote..."Now which one of you is older?" Chloe's Mom. 8/6/14, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, BLB's Birthday Party.


  1. Ahhhhh! Jackie Sherrill and a Birthday Shout Out!!! What more could a girl ask for??? You did me proud. I will lay off harassing you for the remainder of the evening! You deserve a night off!

    I was actually just telling some one today how I witnessed our player inch his way over the goal line with the ball that allowed us to beat LSU and go 8-0. I learned from the Great Jackie that it really doesn't matter how you win, it just matters that you win. Mercy I loved that man.

    This was a great start to showing State some love. If they pull off a win Saturday, Ill be expecting more

    1. Why don't I just rename the blog Hail State?

      That's how it is with little siblings and land grant schools... Never enough attention.

    2. If you ain't ain't tryin.

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