Friday, February 14, 2014

Workin' It

Just some paintings and racket...

I need to finish his left shoe and then I think he's done.

The best that can be said about her right now is that she's survived the scraper. Her arm and hand are a little dead but I think we can fix it up.

Madonna's one truly great moment.

Funny...I got a great shape out of her that will reappear in various forms in the future. I had to paint over it though at some point. I guess I had to...damn. At any rate it's well documented.

Just because I feel like hearing it.


  1. So much art coming out of here, Erik - fantastic!
    Love that hand too. Difficult things to draw, I find. I'm a foot fan!

    1. More frustration than art the last couple of days.

      Our girl there didn't survive...I had to wipe her off last night. She'll be back though.