Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Phillips Gon Feel The Same Way in the Morning.

It's not just the fabulous that have problems you know.

No purist here...or non-purist for that nothing just the inimitable Hound Dog Taylor and his Houserockers...and the straight Universal existential angst that gives the Blues so much of it's power.


  1. Oh whee, that's one (great) striking picture! I think I know her ;-)

    1. I may have to put one of those warnings on the blog now...where you have to agree to take the risk before logging on.

      That's some hardcore nudity there.

    2. Actually, you've made me think - I always feel like paintings 'don't count' - I wouldn't hesitate to put nude drawings up but maybe I'm wrong?! Mind you even if you showed the chap above without his pants on I'm guessing you wouldn't be able to see much (and he probably hasn't seen it for years either...)

    3. Hahahaha

      I don't know...I think he may be even beyond the bounds of Art.

      He's turned out though.