Monday, February 24, 2014

Mojo Hand

I'm gonin' to Louisiana...

Y'all know about my issues with that bastard Miro. I told you I'd fix him.

Step One - Go to Louisiana...where they have Mojo Hands.

Step Two - get Mojo Hand. *

This will destroy the power he has over my woman..Martha. Ostensibly I'm goin' down to Baton Rouge to sell Fried Green Beans and Chicken Wings. I will go Cotton Wood Books, eat at Zippy's Tacos and make myself sick on Beinget Fingers. I will not play the penny slots. I will not play the penny slots. I will get the Mojo Hand. I will not play the penny slots.

Then Thursday I'll be in St. Francisville and Angola Farm...Louisiana State Penitentiary. It's not as wretched as it once was...which says more about how bad it used to be than how lovely it is now. There's no more red hats. ...but your prospects aren't good if you find yourself there. It's an odd place with a culture all it's own...there's a feeling of immersion when you go through the gate. Rightly so...most of them aren't leaving.

They got their woodworking shops, their radio station, their football teams (last time I was down, one of the inmates was sporting a golfball sized Angola football championship ring. I imagine they could put together a team to challenge LSU..if not the Saints) but, it's the Rodeo they're famous for. Being in the infirmary means no work and pain pills...they ride hard as hell. I intend to get my hot dogs into the concession stands. Ha.

Step 3 - Learn to paint sneaky landscapes.

A little busy maybe...that's the thing about swamps but, dig it in detail...

Ha. I'm comin' for your stank ass Miro.

*Step 2 1/2 Send mojo hand to gentleman in England who's having a bit of a Ricky Gervais problem.


  1. I have never been to Louisiana but it seems like an interesting place.

    The painting is beautiful!

    1. Thank you ma'am. I grew up playin' in that...but, as painting goes, it's new territory for me. In fact, I've struggled quite a bit with rendering these trees with any satisfaction...til now. I feel like I've got a foothold...they will reappear.

      I work all of Mississippi and Louisiana...south Louisiana is one of my favorite places to go (North Louisiana...ehhhh...I did see a non-black panther once on my way to Alexandria though...and I'll swear on a stack of Bibles). I love Baton Rouge and I get to slip into New Orleans every once in a while.

  2. Did someone just mention Ricky Gervais? ;-)

    - I love the cypress trees painting too. In fact I think you've got a look of Van Gogh going on there, never mind Miro.

    Enjoy your trip to Louisiana and be sure to tell us some stories, Erik.

    1. Tisk Tisk

      Thank you very much ma'am...I'll take that.

      There will surely be stories...they are impossible to avoid where I'm going.

  3. C - I appreciate your appropriate use of winky face emoticon

    Just so y'all know, the mojo is being fueled by the largest slice of chocolate cake ever. Ever.

    Penny slots? Really?

    1. I said I was not going to play the penny slots...and I have not. I've been too busy eating chocolate cake..haha.

      Why aren't you following me?

    2. Are you that uninterested in what I'm doing (mainly just the other side of the laundry room)? Our lovely and faithful readers showed early and made their presence known...we even got some new readers who aren't ashamed to be associated with our work here...Singing Bear and Amber. All I got for family is a lovely but distant cousin...on sister, no local friends, no blueberry farmers and no wife.

      Why are y'all ashamed of me?

  4. How insenstive of me to not be "following" the blog. I find it unnecssary to take ten extra steps to be a follower when I can simply get to it from my favorites. If you keep this blog for an entire year, I will become official. I'm still trying to let go of I and II. Love, Martha

    1. Alright then...maybe a year from now I'll include you in one of my google plus circles.


  5. To illustrate my disinterest in the interweb, I don't even know what a Google Plus Circle is. If it should burn, I don't feel it.

  6. "Mojo Hand" is one of my absolute favourite blues songs. Particularly love the recording here with a very loose snare drum accompaniment:

    The Cypress trees painting is really impressive - atmospheric, monolithic, primeval etc. Terrific.

    Good luck at Angola Farm today - hope you make it out okay! I used to attend Hammersmith Hospital next to Wormwood Scrubs Prison, and just walking past that place gave me the creeps.

  7. My favorite version is by R.L Burnside but I couldn't find it on youtube. That is a good one though. Mr Charlie is my favorite Lightning Hopkins...though there's a version of Rock Me Baby from Austin City Limits that has to be one of his finest moments.

    Thank you sir...there will be more of these landscapes but they get they may get harder to read...if I can get the ideas out of my head and down.

    Angola really has come a long way from what once was. It's kind of a model prison now. It's still bad news but, they really do try and create some sort of life for them there. Wormwood Scrubs!