Monday, February 10, 2014

Now a Nemesis

Longtime readers of the various blogs will know that we have an who has, on various occasions, tried to kill us and one that we would seek out and destroy, no matter where he lay...if we were willing to go to places where he might lay.

The Cottonmouth...&5$#ER!

It's bad enough dealing with Satan's tennis bracelet there but now... I've got that bastard Joan Miro trying to ruin my life..

Earlier this evening, I was showing Martha some of my latest work...flippin through the phone.

Y'all know how hesitant I am to talk about myself but...I'm starting to take control here...I'm hotter than Georgia asphalt...I could touch the sky.

(In progress)

"These are really good honey."  Damn right they are. High Five...High Five. Next.

She let out an audible gasp...I could hear was loud.

"No Sugar...that's not me."

"Oh...OK...well it's just really good."

"Yeah I picked up on that."

The picture is on my phone because I love Miro. I spent a solid hour starring at this thing last Friday in the office. He seems to have effortless command over ever line every stroke. He's untouchable...but, now I have to destroy him...that's all.


  1. The F-word's got the same problem with how much better Charles Bronson theoritically is at throwing me across his horse's saddle and taking me away from all this. Luckily for him, senility and mortality settled that match for him.

    1. If only my problem were theoretical...if only the threat of Miro were a product of my imagination.

  2. For me it's a perennial problem with my illustration. That fine line between feeling inspired and feeling hopeless. I do it all the time - look at something I love and aspire to be like, feel all fired up and excited by it, then plummet down into the the despairing depths of imayaswellgiveupnow-ness.
    I have to tell myself, I'll never be 'them', I'll only ever be 'me'. As long as somebody somewhere likes 'me' then I might be 'them' to them. If you see what I mean.... You are someone's Miro :-)

  3. I appreciate that C...I really do. That is just the kind of encouragement I'll need in my quest to destroy The Miro.


    Thanks C

  4. I feel your pain e.f.
    Forget his art - the man was from Barcelona! And in this house that equals 'worship-worthy''...
    Nah...nae competition. You'll just need to make do with being e.f. ;-)

    1. The Spanish thing is not going to help him here. Unlike the British, who Southerners have genuinely pined for on occasion, the Spanish were seen as nothing more than an imperial power in need of removal. In fact one of the most enduring symbols of Southern Independence is the Bonnie Blue was the Bonnie Blue that was raised here in Jackson on the day Mississippi seceded and it is The Bonnie Blue that's stuck on my rear window. It was originates during the West Florida Republic...which was established after the Spanish were run out of this part of the country.

      Yet, his paintings...his fabulous paintings...must be contended with. Contended with ...and obliterated.

      It is very good to see you here ma'am. Also glad to have read your most recent post.

      Don't be scarce.

    2. Fascinating stuff e.f. I was ignorant of all that history - I need to do some learning.
      Though not enough learning that it'll interfere with the annual Stewart family pilgrimage to Spain... ;-)
      It was good news, eh. I am one happy wummin.
      Looking forward to reading more from you... x

    3. I should point out there is no hostility toward Spain...and a Spanish holiday certainly sounds better than a stick in the eye.

      Good news indeed.

  5. I'm not sure if we should consult our resident philosopher or the lyrics to a Prince song. If Miro has become Erik's muse (pretty sure it was me before the gasping incident), can Erik ever be my Miro.


    1. See what she's doing here?

      She's trying to turn this into something I did to her...into me dumping her for Miro.

      This is the slippery **** I have to deal with around here.

      So it wasn't just an was a GASP?

  6. Using your words, my dear. You wrote GASP on Blog III here. Don't edit it either, I've taken a snapshot as proof.

  7. Umm, sorry about any confusion, I have been sitting at JQ's computer all day. The above post is actually from Martha.

    1. Why on earth are you sitting at JQ's this a permanent thing?

    2. The real JQ here. She can have my desk. I'm running away to tropical island.

    3. Two measly degrees and we're all at home watching wives with knives.