Sunday, May 31, 2015

Escape From Ireland.

Flimsy Cups: Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 1: I'm pretty sure this is the Port/Train Station at Holyhead in Wales. It's also the place where I set a trash can on fire, where ...

I was looking for an old post yesterday and came across these. Some of my adventures in the UK and Ireland. I don't even think C was around when these were posted.


  1. You're right, I wasn't around. Well, I WAS 'around', otherwise I'd only be ten now.... but blogging wasn't even a twinkle in my eye at that time. Sadly I never had time to go through the Flimsy Cups back catalogue but would love to see more posts like that one so all biographical tidbits very welcome! A woman with more children than teeth...? Oh, brilliant.

    I don't know this area at all, and I've never been to Ireland. (Next week though I'm off to a place I've never been to before and I'm very excited... I'll hopefully post about it on my return!)

    1. All the biographical tidbits were very dramatic retellings of events were I almost died...of snakebites, cold, embarrassment, etc.

      That poor woman cottoned on to me...I ended up having to hide from here on the ferry. It was awesome.

      Looking forward to hearing about it.

      P.S. I now have a voice for your posts. I spoke with Mrs. Dot at church. For some reason I had it in my head she was from the southwest of England...but, no, she's from the south the countryside. She's in her 70's so your voice is a bit creaky but, since we're never gonna get any video or audio from you...that' s just how it's gotta be. :)

    2. :-) It's a very dull accent really, not much of an accent at all. Whereas the ones some of our other blogging pals have would be far more interesting I'm sure - Scottish, West Country, Manchester etc.

    3. Her's is pleasant...kind of elongated chirps.

      You shoulda seen the hat she had on yesterday. The hat itself was red...about the size of a teacup with a big mesh flower petal coming out over her forehead. It was swanky.