Sunday, May 3, 2015

All You Protest Kids!

Enough of the murder and mayhem...for the moment at least.

Right in the middle of all the nonsense we've been covering...the Velvet Underground, Venus in Furs, Heroin, White Light/White Heat, Sister Ray...that Velvet Underground, offered up one of the most precious songs ever recorded.

This final version puts Jack in the corset and Jane in the vest but it's still just a boy and a girl who want to get home to each other at night. The great anti-ideology...the anecdote to the murderous mass mind. The only place the individual can truly genuine relation. Listen closely Protest Jack emerges into his individuality with exuberance!

It's impossible to hear Sweet Jane without Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell echoing in the background. They had a hi-fi phono...and they let it blast!

They call it domestic bliss for a reason.


  1. One of only a small handful of Velvets songs I like, but it always makes me feel good. Great photo too - I can really see the genes have passed down!
    Domestic bliss is underrated...

    1. She marked him up real bad.
      This, though, was a time before we became the help in our own home...when we could catch a buzz in the early evening. It'll be 17 years this weekend...funny we were only 14 and 15 when we met.

      It should come as no surprise to hear that I would gladly have Sister Ray running in my head on a constant loop...:). They are going to make another appearance very the backing band.

  2. Smashing post Erik. Lovely.
    Swiss Adam

  3. May we all be able to make our homes our sanctuaries! I'm trying but I'm about to have a one-woman riot in IKEA after they fucked up our kitchen so bad. IKEA brutality. My fault for shopping there, which just makes me angrier.

    1. You did that one.
      Though I'm guessing your kitchen didn't come in a flat box with a tiny Allen wrench.