Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two details

 photo image_zps0f809876.jpg Two details from one I finished recently. Just two halves of a rectangular painting.  photo image_zps389237db.jpg This the one I'm working on now.  photo image_zpsd5ee68d8.jpg I'm having to post from my phone so...it's just pictures today. There are other things to tell (I gotta show you f-words painting), adamparsons has become a rock star among archeologists, and I discovered the worlds largest stink bug...I also have a theory about scientists and ability to communicate (teaser...they suck at it) that I need to run by y'all. PS. If I post this from my phone and it screws up my blog appearing in reading lists...I'm burning blogger to the ground.


  1. Well, it has made your blog go a bot funny on my screen but that's OK because these are amazing. You are rapidly becoming one of my favourite artists. There is so much happening in the detail of these paintings that one can spend a long time just absorbing - a bit like time spent spent with Chagall or Bosch. As the old saying goes, I know nothing about art but I know what I like. Is that a cat in the middle picture? That animal fascinating me. and the colours are wonderful.

  2. Fantastic. These just get better and better, fab to see all this detail, and it seems to me that these intricate weavings of shapes,colours and emblematic images show you completely at one, in your stride, in your groove. Beautifully idiosyncratic too. I feel like I'm looking at an illustrated map, or an aerial photograph somehow, does that make sense? MOMA will be knocking at your door very soon.

  3. I really appreciate this you two.

    I guess the animal could be a cat...I think we're safe in assuming its a four legged mammal. I think I thought of putting a human face on it to begin with but....it's supposed to be wearing a pointy hat but that kinda got lost in all the lines.

    It matters to me a great deal that you like the colors...they are not all a product of whim.

    I never thought about looking down on them like a map (the boy has a real tendency to draw that way) ...in fact I'm very specifically a horizontal perspective. So, it tickles me really that it does look like what your describing. Ha...it's magic.

    I'll be waiting for that call.

    Thanks again y'all.

  4. Wow! Stunning!

    Just a bit wide for the blog, so you get the gubbins at the top of the right-hand column over the first pic - but worth it for the impact and clarity, I reckon.

    1. Wow and stunning are exactly what we like to hear.

      Thank you sir.