Saturday, March 8, 2014

It'll Last Longer

This week has been messed up as a pila clothes hangers.

For a second or two on Sunday it looked like Martha and the Boy might get to go to the Delta with me.

Around two o'clock Thursday afternoon I, alone on my way back from the Coast, was stalled on the side of 49...watching my rearview mirror and trying to decide which semi or school bus would end up in my back seat.

The day before I got mugged by a penny slot machine. That night my work laptop tied at the tender age of 12.

First next morning, I limped into a service station to have a flat tire plugged.  Then I got pulled over by the cops.

Enough of that's 4:30 in the morning, everybody else is in bed...I got coffee and a stack of old pictures.

 photo 1970s_zpsf0b00a5e.jpg

That's me and Wayne. I'm the one on the left...the one that's not obviously gonna go bald. I'm pretty sure Wayne was the first kid I ever saw drink the akahol. He took a swig of his Daddy's bourbon one afternoon and went into a spastic fit. I thought he was dyin'.

A few years later. I care about two and records.

 photo 933_zps7762d84f.jpg

When I wasn't at Messer Park destroying the will of twelve year old Defensive Backs and Safeties...I was at Vinyl Fever.

A few more years later...

 photo 1986_zps39089793.jpg

...right about the time I met this one...

 photo pictures235_zps2d8dda12.jpg

We're not interacting here but, this will give you a perfect idea of her demeanor every time I tried to talk to her back then.

The only thing I had going for me was them records...she did like those.

Eventually though, I got so sick and discouraged of failing to get her attention that I joined the army and left the continent.

 photo 90s_zps056ba486.jpg

That's me and Paul in an Amsterdam hotel.... he would go on, that night, to get drunk and furious in the hotel bar. There were four of us that ran matter where we were, what we did was drink beer and play Spades. Paul was always my partner...and the other two always cheated. I thought it was funny. With Paul bidding 15 tricks every hand...cheating was unnecessary and it's always more fun to beat cheaters. Paul didn't think it was funny and he went berserk....ended up yelling at one of the hotel girls as he was getting on the elevator. He was pointing at her when the door shut. I really liked Paul...we all liked Paul...but he was an odd fella given to unpredictable fits of rage.

I was still buying records...

when this one showed back up.

 photo jenny_zps825c81b4.jpg

After I'd left the country...then ignored her for two years...she finally got her mind right, and chased me down.

I'll tell y'all about how hard she worked to convince me to at least give her a chance, next time.


  1. Oh WOW, look at you two. Fantastic. I'm coming back to look again when I have more time. Love this.

    1. Thank you ma'am. They're fun.

      She got mad at me for reading your blog last night...well, actually, it was me giving a dramatic reading of your latest post in the kitchen.

      Martha's kind of obsessed with furniture and décor and, she gave it up for lent...given up shopping for it, etc . I just thought she might enjoy hearing how somebody else might get to spend the next six weeks planning to redesign and remodel and entire kitchen.

      She thought I was just being obnoxious...trying to torment her. Me?

      She said "it's obvious from reading your blog that C thinks you're a sweet and lovely person...I want you to tell her the truth!" Hahahah "You tell her how mean you are...or I'll get on there and do it."

      This aspect of our relationship is going on 25-26 years now...and she started it. Ha Ha

    2. Please tell Martha I understand completely - I have often been known to say exactly the same thing to The Guitar Terrorist: "If only they knew.." I think we (Martha and I) may be commonly referred to as 'long-suffering'.

      (I also had a very similar Bauhaus T-shirt.)

    3. LONG SUFFERING? What?

      That's how my maternal grandmother described my Daddy's experience of being her daughter's husband.

      You have no idea what grade of ammunition you've just handed to Martha.

      I never thought it would come to this C...but, you've been banned for the next five minutes.


    4. My one wonders how I "put up" with him. I just sigh. I'm sure that tells you all you need to know.
      Is my five minutes up yet? Hope so!

    5. Yes...your ban ended around 4:36 pm yesterday. Unfortunately the blot on your blog record permanent.

      You have joined Mr Gronmark and Spliff (who's been banned twice) on the wall of shame.

  2. I think you misread Martha's first photo...Clearly she was thinking hard about how to get you to notice her, that's all.

    Women are...strange (wonderful), dude. Pics are outstanding. Especially the one where you look something like a serial killer on a rampage.

    1. Stop trying to take up for man.

      She was cold blooded...that's all.

      She's got all y'all fooled (even my own Daddy) didn't see her flip me the bird yesterday?

  3. Great pix - but I'd ditch the one that looks like the sort that gets shown on TV when the police finally catch up with a spree killer.

    1. My mother sent that picture to Martha before we got married.

      Are you startin' to get an idea of the support group I'm dealing with here?

  4. Replies
    1. It's the first thing I noticed when I first saw her 26 years ago. Big brown eyes sittin on top of those cheek bones.

  5. Ah. Now I have some insight...
    Great photos.

    1. Glad you've made your presence known.

      I've been meaning to get over and tell you that we took The Boy on a tour of brewery last week...I just thought you should know.

      Ha. Grreatest parents evar!

    2. Interesting...boys and beer. A current theme, for me!