Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Low Living, Sight Walking.

I've been out and about.

In front of a house on Plank Rd in Baton Rouge. It ends with an incomplete word...a syllable.

Broadmoor Theatre on Airline Highway...Baton Rouge.

A constant and faithful companion.

Pentecostal Church in Biloxi.


Raleigh MS...Rogers's Grocery.


Somewhere around Prentiss.

Between Rocky Mount Church and Winona.

Little Sammy Davis of Winona on Harmonica...not in the Delta but that don't sound much like the Delta anyway.


  1. I always love the photos of your road trips. The landscape is so alien compared to any I've ever encountered. A magical soundtrack too. That sign has to be a work in progress, check it out again next time you're passing. And make sure you have your camera with you.
    Very inspiring.

  2. Agree with The Swede - fantastically evocative pictures from a mysterious alternate reality. Loved the Downhome Delta Blues LP, too.

  3. Some great photos with some great musical accompaniment

  4. Great Photos Erik.

    I love the religious sign, - somewhat obsessive in its strict formalism and like a piece of found conceptual art. It reminds me of Richard Prince's joke paintings. The Broadmoor Theatre looks like somewhere for entertainment through gritted teeth. Coincidentally, we have a high security hospital for the criminally insane here, called Broadmoor.

    You're right about Sellers too. Those cheesy old Pink Panther films still make me laugh, even after a thousand viewings. 'Strangelove' is little short of genius.

  5. I'm glad y'all enjoyed 'em. I've been back on the road again and I've certainly enjoyed that.

    The sign is fantastic and not a bad presentation of the Christian world view...that and an obsessive compulsive mind. Sadly I don't think it will be finished....there's a For Sale sign in the yard.

    Broadmoor is gorgeously decrepit and I'm glad I got it. Sadly there was a sprawling hotel, banquet hall complex that half burned down a couple of years ago. It has finally been torn down. It had the same apocalyptic beauty.

    Airline Highway is the obviously the wrong side of town but, it's wrongness has been allowed to persist for at least a decade longer than it should have.

    A quick thought on the spelling of Theatre. After Lincoln's invasion and conquest of The South, we were forced to abandon the actual English language and adopt some New English bastardization...we lost our u's and re's. I've remarked before, at least on the old blog, about the stubborn Anglophilia of Baton Rouge (there's a Union Jack on the cities flag!). We'll have to add this one to the file. of the last occupants of the theatre's complex...was a small record shop.

    Sellers was brilliant.

    1. Thanks for the explanation about the 'theatre' spelling - v. interesting - you know I hadn't even noticed until you remarked on it here, because of course it just looked 'normal' to me.

    2. I get new reminders of this phenomenon every time I'm down there. Sometimes I can't be a conscience effort and then I realize I'm waiting at a stop light right across from the Old London Towne an area called Sherwood Forrest...I am waiting on the light so I can continue my drive to a place called Scotlandville.

      As I mentioned before Baton Rouge is where Francophilic coonasses and Anglophilic rednecks occupy the same space in numbers...South of there it all goes depressingly French :).

      I should do a post on this and the general Anglophilia of The South. Humorous and garish examples abound...and I've got at least one scholarly collection on the subject.

      PS C...Martha is making a simple syrup for the hummingbirds who have finally reappeared.

  6. I've just blown up that first sign outside the house, I quite like the sentiment. But I wonder what was left out.......enjoying the Little Sammy Davis album....

  7. ....I think "blown up" might be misinterpreted..magnified would have been better

    1. You know a more eager real estate agent might have actually blown it up...but,'s just there hovering over the For Sale sign. Ha.

      Who isn't fed up with "Mundane Talking"?

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    1. Why thank you...and welcome to the party.