Monday, August 11, 2014

Bop Bop Bopda Ba Debris Fries

Debris Fries from the Fillin' Station in Biloxi.
Last week we ran down to The Coast for a few days vacation. It was a real rocknroll party.

You see what looks like a pair of glasses layin' next to the Boy as he sleeps...they're actually night vision spy goggles. He got 'em for his birthday just before we left....but, why he would need to see anything after dark I don't know. Him and his Momma go to bed around 6 in the evenin'...just after Wheel of Fortune.

Fortunately, for The Boy, you can find love in the light of the The Shed.  This girl, who is not his girlfriend OK, is a recording artist....between her own songs she hosted an open mic. It was fun...some of 'em kids. So, not too raucous for these two.

I'm sorry. What was that? Did we hear Give Me One Reason to Stay Here by Tracy Chapman?

Stop being a smartass.

We did manage to make it down to the water every day. These "beaches" along the Coast are man made...sand dumped over what would be marshy shore. They're not the powdered sugar "World Most Beautiful Beaches" along the coast in Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida. Give it another 10,000 years and maybe the pulverized quartz, that came down from the Appalacians, after the last ice age, which make those beaches so impossibly white, will work it's way to Ocean Springs. I don't know if that will have any effect on the murky water though. You get glowing turquoise in you get Lipton.

There is Ship Island...a sliver of a barrier island about 11 miles south of Gulfport. There's a group of these islands that run parallel to the coast but every hurricane takes a big chunk out of them.

I was looking for pictures and this one popped up from here. *

Very pleasant out there...clear water and sand. You can walk probably a quarter of mile when the tides right.

Fort Massawhatever is out there. It started life as a Confederate post but, the island was impossible to keep supplied and the Yankees took it over and built this in 1867. Nothing much happened out there unless you were one of these unfortunate few...

It's about an hour by ferry out there. It's a pleasant enough trip...dolphins usually come around.

It was a good time.  Look forward to doing it again.

*Mail readers...ha. You'll never get that off your computer.


  1. Looks like a great little trip there...I am sure I saw that beach in Jaws!

    1. He's out there somewhere. Only once have I seen a small one streak by while I was swimming. All I saw this time was jelly fish and catfish.

  2. Looks like a cool spot. Those debris fries look a bit heavy going though.

    1. Definitely an entrée and not a side dish.

      On a menu like theirs, my first concern would almost always be a fried oyster po' boy (sandwich)...but, them damn fries are good. They do a good job with it.