Monday, July 14, 2014

Pull My Lips Back

I guess I shouldn't have assumed there would be any familiarity with the originals covered in the last post. So, in fairness to our readers....


If I have the story right...this video was cobbled together for the UK market where the song had gotten some slight traction. This is the version that appeared on Slanted and Enchanted. They played a much noisier version for John Peel.

Gold Soundz

As was typical after they'd actually become a band...this is a very pretty song but, it has a seedy side.
"Did you remember/In December/That I won't eat you when I'm gone." :0

Shady Lane

Hmmm...the best thing about this version is the first break in the song...the look on his face before informing the crowd they'll get to "cheer twice for this one" is probably all you need to know about them by 1999. Though I should point out we saw them not long after this in New Orleans and they ripped the curtains down.


Just awesome...that's all...and no I won't settle down about it.


Edit: Here's the band five days after playing a private show for C and a few other people from Reading in 92

Perfume V and In the Mouth a Desert.


  1. Erik, just in case you're interested, I found a setlist for the gig I went to on a Pavement forum page. It was only a low-key event (venue capacity 250 and I don't remember it being full!) Anyway....should it mean anything to you, here it is...

    Pavement, The Square, Harlow, UK, 25 August 1992 **Master**
    01 Our Singer
    02 Here
    03 Frontwards
    04 Fame Throwa
    05 Perfume V
    06 Summer Babe
    07 Spizzle Trunk
    08 Unknown ('Shrinkmouth' has confirmed that this is apparently an early version of 'Starlings of the Slipstream')
    09 Zurich Is Stained
    10 Two States
    11 No Life Singed Her
    12 Trigger Cut
    14 Lorettas Scars
    15 Mouth Of A Desert
    16 Debris Slide
    17 Angel Carver Blues
    18 Mellow Jazz Docent

    1. Other than hating everyone, except you of course, that was there because I wasn't. It's a fabulous set and I didn't know Starlings was being played that early. It doesn't show up on record until Brighten the Corners.

      I don't know how they did that night but, their 2 night set at Brixton in December of 92 became their only "semi" official live release....bootleg called Stray Slack. It was lights out and was part of the Slanted and Enchanted re-release.

  2. Stephen Malkmus is coming to my neck of the woods in November I think I should check it out and report back :) with some other guys I have never heard of

    1. That can only be one Sharron...and I'm glad to see you back around here. I have trouble accessing my old reading list and need to add your blog...if you still have one.

      We saw the him and the Jicks when they toured for the first record. They were great but the highlights were watching Steve Malkmus watch Bright Eyes end their set with Summer Babe and meet Bob Nastanovich before the show.

  3. It's me :) Good to be back, not had much time for the internets lately but all good! the blog is still out there in the internet ether but I haven't updated it for ages so you are not missing anything

    That's the ones the Jicks, meeting someone from the band is always a good highlight

    I saw my old favourites Pearl Jam last weekend, sadly a meeting with Mr Vedder was not on the cards!

  4. Some great stuff there...have not seen anything live for about 5 years until last week when I went to my first festival....I felt alive at last...especially standing next to speakers and Parquet Courts were playing/

    1. Maybe we need to give it another try. It's probably been 15 years since we got in car and drove to New Orleans on work night to see a show....The White Stripes in 2000 in a bar called the Shim Sham Club.

      Pavement didn't burn it down every time but, when they did they were spectacular.