Monday, March 16, 2015

Fever Dream

The Fight Between Carnival and Lent - Bruegel
This was supposed to be a post about the third season of American Horror Story. Set in New Orleans...the writers, for the first time, take great pleasure in slaughtering some of the locals. Locals in the surrounding area...not New Orleans. They all have a kind of shallow affection for New Orleans...generic shots of the Quarter and St. Louis cemetery, vague Jazz notes...but don't have any interest in actually writing a character that would exist there. They do take great care in reconstructing cliché's of Southerners and ripping them limb from limb.

I couldn't get it written...couldn't get a video, there's this. One note...I do not let the Boy talk to me like this...unless I am goading him. Which I was without mercy. Ha.


We'll try it again tomorrow.



  1. 'Shut your mouth about any girl I like.....or anything else', ha! A sneak preview of what those stroppy teenage years might be like.
    'Non-Alignment Pact' is such a killer.

  2. He gets away with a lot...two shut your mouths and about four or five missed yes sirs...but, I was tormenting him so....Ha.

    When he gets bigger than me I'll cut him.

  3. That boy is going to break a few hearts...

    1. Setting aside the fact that he's six...he seems to gravitate towards little (and older for that matter) who are real handles.

      All of this is academic...Martha has already decided he'll be marrying adamparsons little girl. Ironically, the cutest child there's ever been.