Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cover All The Rugs With Cheap Perfume

Over the weekend, Swiss Adam at Bagging Area , featured the excellent Wedding Present single Brassneck in a post. Just so happens that Brassneck was backed with a cover of Pavement's Box Elder. This somehow came up in the comment section...today he featured both the Wedding Present cover and a live version by Pavement.

Those of you who have followed the discussion will know that Singing Bear joined the rest of you miscreants in being banned...not because he doesn't like Pavement but, because he said he didn't "get" Pavement...obviously casting aspersions on your devoted author's efforts at getting the point across. Or did he? Maybe I haven't talked enough about Pavement. Maybe he was unfairly dealt with...maybe we haven't had enough Pavement on these pages...obviously we need more Pavement.

Bear...your ban has been officially rescinded but, we've still got a tight grip on the hammer...so, watch your step.

One thing we need to quickly get out of the way...and C brought this up the last time Pavement graced this site...and it's cryptically referenced at Bagging Area...in the States, Pavement is not the sidewalk. It is black top, asphalt...it's where you break your face open when learning to ride a bike. When Thurston Moore first picked up a copy of Slay Tracks he thought they must be an Industrial Band...."or something more nefarious." It has a very hard connotation here.

Anyway, before moving on let's have a few more covers...

I don't know who these shirtless idiots are...but man they got it. Kentucky Cocktail appears on early live sets and Pavemet's first Peel Session*. The riff is just balls out...in more earnest hands it might have been a hit on classic radio but...Ha. I love this cover...never more than a demo, these kids take the song and just destroy it. He mumbles most of the lines...even seeming to look up for help at one point...perfect. When they come to the break and he yells F**CK! and it crashes right back into the riff...brilliant...like a 5 year old with a flamethrower.

Cage the Elephant. Watch the rhythm guitarist and drummer...the song has nearly driven them out of their minds. Again...this is a b side. False Scorpion backed Rattled By the Rush from Wowee Zowee. They kill it...obliterate it. Awwwwesome indeed.

I don't know who these ladies are but, after a little investigating it saddens me to report that they are no longer a going concern...Good Story have split but, they got this one off before calling it quits...mason jar in hand. Zurich is Stained from Slanted and Enchanted.

Julie gets another appearance just because...and because it'll make it easier for me to pull it up on my phone.

How about a sing a long...get your lighters out. Built to Spill cover the sublime Here.

Even Dough Martsch can't keep from smiling...a couple of times.

Watch this space for more Pavement.

*Peel's love of Pavement owes a lot to that initial introduction by the Wedding Present.


  1. This post is something else. Those cover versions....
    Swiss Adam

    1. I did a post of Pavement covers last summer I think. Tendersticks do a version of Here that is gorgeous and the Ray & Remora take on Gold Soundz for their 1994 ep...has to be heard.

      Still...the chubby kids from Neat might be favorite cover ever.

  2. These are all tremendous, even Built to Spill who I've never really liked. I don't know much about Cage the Elephant either, but you've got to admire a band with a drummer who can swat away an flying guitar as if it was a bluebottle. Good Story are an absolute delight, as is Julie. You're spot on about Neat. They're the local covers band I always wanted to be in. Except of course that they should change their name to These Shirtless Idiots with immediate effect.

    1. Aren't they though. The strength of those songs is undeniable...even the throw aways. Good Story was an especially fun find...and Neat hit it square. It's probably my favorite version.
      Cage the Elephant has had some hits over here and they have sorta taken the song as their own...I think they've earned the right. I love that clip and can't imagine how else it could have ended.
      Built to Spill and Guided by Voices were two bands that I never loved as much as I was supposed to.

  3. The Neat version is very good. As were that second lot, Cage The Elephant. Looks like I'll have to dig out Slanted and Enchanted and give it a play. And my Stephen Malkmus live at the UCL set.

    1. I've been listening to some of it today....effortless genius.

      We saw Malkmus touring behind the first record. It was good...we met Bob Nastanivich, Bright Eyes were great and covered Summer Babe. I haven't really been able to stuck with him though. It's hard to believe he's been with the Jicks longer than Pavement.

  4. what is this perfume about?? I didn't read this blog(Actually I don't want to) Is this about Perfume Band or about Perfume(Fragrance) ?

    1. It's a line from a the song Perfume V...and it has the word Cover in it.

      Maybe I should have tried harder.