Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle...Blah, Blah, Blah...EE. TEE. CEE.

Many of you have expressed your anxiousness to hear what else happened in Birmingham...and it makes me happy to know that y'all read. We will get to it, but first...
There stands Jackson like a Stonewall

Every year around this time, for reasons known only to him, God abandons us and the atmosphere takes on a strange quality. I don't know how to describe it really...it's sharp and penetrating...kinda like when you reach for something in the ice box. The sky goes dirty grey. It goes on forever...like a month. Turrible.

This week was particularly bad. It got down to 14 degrees (-10c)...low enough to freeze water in pipes and blow the pressure valve on your hot water heater. I can't express how much I hate winter...hate the cold...hate coats, jackets, jumpers, sweat shirts...how I despise it busting in on my room in the garage.

Fortunately the previous owners left a big box of tiles under the heater...there were these fabulous high pitched accents to the crashing thud of dry wall.

So, that was fun.

Obviously it was very upsetting for The Boy and Herschel-Walker.

Speaking of upsetting...and I'm loath to even bring it up, but none of your Christmas presents to me have shown up. I know they're coming...I'm not brining this up to shame anybody. It's just I know y'all are anxious to hear what I think. Please know that I'm already appreciative but, I'm a little ashamed to say, it was with increasing anxiety that I've rushed to the mailbox every day the last few weeks...only to be disappointed. I know they're coming...I'm not complaining...my silence has not meant a lack of appreciation...they just haven't shown up yet.

While I'm complaining...that crap in France. It wasn't actually a distraction from blogging but, I'm so sick of these dickheads.

I've only gotten a glimpse of this nonsense once. It was at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. There was an American evangelist and a black fella that I think was British. As far as I can recall, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Yeah...somebody was going to hell but I don't remember it being anti-Muslim or anything. Just the usual turn-so-you-don't-burn stuff.

Whatever it was...was too much for the swarthy fella next to me. I could see him gritting his teeth and sorta swaying...like pacing from the waste up...until he couldn't take it anymore...

"What do you expect from an American and nigger!"

There was some verbal rustling at that...no intelligible boos or shut ups...but that was the audible gist. This poor American girl next to me, when he said nigger, she caught a case of the vapors. I thought she was gonna pass out.

Then he was completely incensed. He started that pacing thing again and then snapped. He lunged for the black dude...burst right through the crowd in a rage but the crowd was having non of it. He was literally thrown back on to a walkway and escorted out of the park by a few biguns.

He just couldn't tolerate hearing what he didn't want to hear. Dick.

The final distraction came this weekend when me and the Big Man got in to a discussion about the punk rock...which led to me spending two days downloading Minutemen songs instead of writing.

Throw you lighters up for D.

Alright...back to our regularly scheduled reading and writing then.


  1. Aargh, I'm so disappointed that the Christmas present hasn't arrived yet. Knowing how much you like jumpers... and how much you need one right now... you know, a lovely thick one knitted by my very own fair hands in multi-coloured shades of highly flammable wool (so no smoking while wearing), it has a fetching portrait of Bono on the front...

    See, you're not so disappointed now are you, in fact you're relieved. I knew we could turn this thing around.

    I can't fully express how I feel about the crap in France and elsewhere in the world. It's so depressing. I simply don't understand such deep hatred...I just don't. I'll leave it there.

    But the Minutemen are sounding good! And what's the full story about the wall/roof/tiles? Looks like something nasty has gone on there in the top pic?

    Stay warm....

    1. Yours is the only one that did show up...I didn't want to shame the others.


      I thought it was Waylon Jennings!

      Evidently water froze in our pipes and created a lot of pressure in the hot water heater...which is above my room out in the garage...when it released the pressure release valve stuck with water gushing into the attic. It started with a few trickles...then crash!

      Our water turn off is out in the yard...but the lid covering it was frozen to the ground. I had to bash a hole in it with the hammer to get to it.

      Fun times.

  2. Whaaaat? You're say that the 26 disc, comprehensive 'Best of Prog Rock' set I bought you hasn't made it through yet either? I saw it in the store and immediately thought of you. I'm on the phone to UPS right away.
    (Great to hear Minutemen again, it's been a while. 'This Ain't No Picnic' used to be a big favourite.)

    1. You're trying to take credit for Singingnear's present.
      He emailed me last night.
      Stop it.