Wednesday, June 18, 2014


For the last four or five days this blog has been comatose...moribund...dead as Adam's house cat.
I got something for, drugs... 

and rock'n'roll.

Maybe a little...



  1. Love it. Love it all!
    Please don't feel the need to censor... it's all art. This reader is happy to see it all.

    (I bought a naked Schiele print a few years ago for our living room wall. Not one of his most revealing...but there are nipples. Mr SDS told me he'd seen a framed Modigliani print in a charity shop the other day, pubic hair'n'all, and I urged him to buy it for our new bathroom.... unfortunately he was hesitant about taking it up to the counter and being served by the old lady there. But it's not porn, I said... Next time he went to the shop to get it, not surprisingly, it had gone :-(

    1. I'm being a little cheeky here (we've exposed bigger boobs here on the blog before) just seems more salacious this way.

      They're the way.

      He's such a well behaved young man...that husband of yours. He's got a reputation to look after.


  2. S&D&R&R. It's all my brain and body needs. Oh, and also coffee...and cheese.

    1. I think that Junkyard clip might be the most RocknRoll thing that had happened since Elvis.