Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drunk Brits

I don't mean your average functioning alcoholic. I mean the binge drinking cocktail dresses that show up in the Daily Mail once or twice a year. We've all got 'em but, with the possible exception of The Grove at Ole Miss, your sots are the best dressed.

This poor girl is so drunk she's got two right feet.

Here she is again with two left shoes.

For the Mail and The Sun these pictures are a real me they're brilliant. Girls throwing up in tiaras...come on man. There will be more.

Bet on it.

I may also try and recreate some scenes from the riots a couple of years when Adamparsons made those elderly people strip naked before he robbed them.

Then we'll head to Ibiza.


  1. One of their male counterparts is coming in for it maybe the first real "painting" I've managed to pill off.

    Welcome to the new pad ma'am.

  2. Jeez, I specifically asked that photographer not to publish it. Well, I offered him a shag, and I'm pretty sure he took me up on it, not that I can remember much about it because I was in too much pain from the cigarette I'd accidentally stubbed out on my leg and I was trying to get that stain out of my dress, some bastard had spilt vegetable soup over me, at least that's what I think it was, but never mind because I tore the dress anyway and left half of it in the back of that taxi when the door slammed on me... the driver told me not to get out until he'd stopped but I wanted to get my phone back after it fell out of the window. What a night. See you at the club Friday then? Free drinks all night if you wear a Wonderbra.

    Lovely drawings, e.f. More please!

    1. Tsk Tsk. What a tart. Hopefully next time you'll lose that phone and we can get the real skinny.

      You weren't at the Ascot in 2011 were you..causing a stir? I found those glorious pictures yesterday. There are more drawings. Ha.

      I've moved to oils now...I even have little jars of linseed oil and my room reeks of it. I've screwed up a lot of paintings but, I think I've finally hit on a good one. I'll probably finish her off in oil too. It takes a lot of waiting but the results are better...much better.

      I swear I'll post something else at some point but, right now, I'm doing anything else. Where was this drive when I was 18?

      See ya Friday then.